Little specks in a large world…

The world can be a huge place. A beautiful place. It can be a place you plant your roots, build a family, start careers. But it’s also larger than we can fully understand. There’s so much to know, so much to see that you never really get a feel of it all. You get a touch of it like your toes in the sand, before you pull back because something foreign to you rises. Something bigger than you can try to understand. It can bring situations to you that you may not know how to deal with. Situations that test your faith in not only yourself, but in humanity. So many things going on around us. So many things changing. But do we change with it? Or do we stay the same and adjust to those changes.

We are little specks in the world. Trying to get through each day so you can see the next. We come and go as we please. We do our daily duties as productive members of society. Life itself feels like a video game. You’re trying to make it to the end of the level in hopes to accomplish self gain. Well follow me through this big world. Read my thoughts on topics that people dare not to touch. Take what I say into perspective. Learn from it. Grow from it. I do it everyday with others. The ability to learn off others is one of the  greatest gift’s life itself can give us.

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